Getting Pumped Up

Swim Team Practice

Prior to June 14, 2017                             Starting June 15, 2017

6 & under Shrimps     4:30-5:00                           11 & up                      8:30-9:15

7-8                              5:00-5:30                           9-10                           9:15-10:00

6 & under Guppies     5:30-6:00                           7-8                             10:00-10:30

9-10                            5:30-6:15                           6 & under                  10:30-11:00

11 & up                       6:15-7:00                          Guppies Practice Ends June 10




Purpose of MBC Swim team

"To build a swim team that provides team members a solid foundation of stroke technique, good sportsmanship and promotes a love for competitive swimming. The program will strive to encourage every individual to achieve improvement in the water and as a team player."


1. Swimmers must be members in good standing of Mountainbrook Club.
2. Swimmer must have completed a registration form and paid registration fees.
3. Swimmers must be 18 years or younger on May 31. The only exception is if the student is 19 and a high school student.
4. Age group will be determined by the swimmers age on or before May 31. Each swimmer will swim in his/her age group the entire season.
5. If the coach determines that the swimmer will serve the team best by swimming in the next older age group, the change must be implemented for the entire season and must be made before the first meet.